“Best friends forever… Most of the time!”

Angry Birds Toons

Great new short animation series based on the most downloaded game app in history, Angry Birds.

Mother of Many

Winner of the BAFTA for Best Short Animation (2010), this lovely short animation follows a midwife through a day as she helps various mothers through labour.

Colin & The Snoozebox

A weeny but very nice (I think) little promo that the lovely Leigh Hodgkinson animated to promote her book, Colin and the Snoozebox.

East End Film Festival Trailer

A short punky trailer for the East End Film Festival, directed by Lucy Izzard. Watch it here.

One of a Kind

Hot on the heels of the BAFTA-winning Mother of Many, Emma Lazenby has made this lovely little film to introduce the idea of radiotherapy to children who are in need of treatment.

City of Cranes

Award-winning series of short documentaries about cranes & crane drivers for Channel 4.


Award-winning 90 second short about butterflies speed-dating!

Newsnight: The Musical Manifestos

A series of songs outlining party policy on various issues in the run-up to the 2005 UK General Election.

The Intimacy of Strangers

The Intimacy of Strangers is a story of life, love, loss and hope – told entirely through overheard mobile phone conversations of random strangers. Winner of Best Short Documentary at Big Sky Film Festival and other awards.

The Luckiest Nut in the World

A musical documentary about globalisation for Channel 4, sung by a troupe of nuts.


Short animated film for Channel 4 about a hungry cow, starring Matt Lucas & Robert Llewellyn

Little Things

A short film in which four-year old Chloe sees a man shoplifting and asks her mum if she too can ‘shop like the man.’ Mum-distracted and on the phone agrees, only aware of what has been going on when a Security Guard stops them at the check-out.

The Computer Virus

A short musical film about a computer virus that destroys the world.


Caroline works as a babysitter, and during the day all is under control, but everything changes when it gets dark. A sinister and sexually-charged Lynch-ian drama.

Various cues from early projects

I’ve worked on so many projects over the last ten years that I can’t do a post for each of them, but thought it’d be good to have one page which included quite a few clips from a bunch of early projects.