David Schweitzer




ArtSongs, in analysis and other songs


I got into writing music through songs and, as well as writing loads of theme tunes for tv and film projects, I still love writing and performing songs for their own sake. It’s been an great way for me to deal with the trauma in my life, such as my complicated relationship with elves (see Song for the Elves), and other inappropriate attachments (see Bestfriend’s Girlfriend)

One really nice project that I worked on a few years ago was a commission by the Tate Gallery to write an album of songs about art and artists for kids. I collaborated with Mary Richards (art publisher and writer) and we produced the ‘ArtSongs’ album under the moniker of Agnes & Aubrey. It sold a few thousand copies back when albums still existed in the physical world, and the songs are now available on Spotify or iTunes (though I’ve included a few here too). Sadly you’ll miss out on Jim le Fevre’s fantastic artwork which accompanied the CD (see pic above for an example).

I’ve just launched a new band, called in analysiswhich I’m really excited about. We encourage people to anonymously contribute their own thoughts and stories so they can be turned into songs. in analysis has it’s own website so please feel free to go there and make an anonymous contribution on our inaugural topic which is ‘mothers’ (and don’t tell me you have nothing to say on the subject!)

in analysis will also be doing some gigs in the coming months so please sign up to their mailing list to hear about them.