I wasn’t doing scales and arpeggios when I was 3, or even when I was 9. But when I was 11, I started playing guitar and piano, and then joined a band playing unfashionable new-wave music.

We were called Syntax and we were the best band that ever existed that didn’t get famous. We carried on until we were 18 and old enough to know better, but many of us are still doing musical things professionally now, including Gabriel Prokofiev and Nathan Cooper.

From writing songs, I went all serious and started writing classical music. At 16 I wrote a Requiem for choir and orchestra. Then I went to Oxford and learnt about music that dead people wrote. At the National Film and Television school I did more learning, this time about how music could work with moving pictures.

I love working with directors and producers, figuring out what music is going to work with any particular project, devising new combinations of instruments, sounds, textures, rhythms. There are always new challenges… Sometimes it seems easy, other times less so. I’ve always been a bit nocturnal which helps when working to constant and ridiculous deadlines.

I still love writing songs too, and have just launched a new band, in analysis, which bases its songs on anonymously contributed stories or thoughts. It’s only just started up with a shiny new website and the inaugural subject is mothers, so if you have anything at all to say on that subject, we’d love to hear from you – there is a form for contributing anonymously on the website… and all profits go to charity.

I feel very lucky to have a super studio full of beautiful instruments and clever gadgets, and to have written music for hundreds of hours of television. I like to think that at any given point there is someone in the world watching a show with my music on. I have no way of proving this is the case, but nor can it be proven to be untrue. So I present it as a fact.

Oh, I also have a family that I really like. That includes my lovely wife, Mary, and four smallish children who are just fantastic most of the time.

Anyway, please have a look around the site and listen to some of my music.