(from 'Wag the Dogma')

way back in ‘95
a group of danish directors arrived
on the scene
they were keen
to start a new regime

the story goes that lars von trier
was sitting around drinking beer
with thomas winterberg
when he hit upon a great idea
to write down a list or rules
to limit the film-maker’s tools

it only took them twenty minutes
cos when they got to ten they finished
suddenly the world took note
and this is more-or-less what they wrote…

the film must be shot entirely on location
without costumes, props or sets
you can bring in additional lighting
or use any special effects
the camera must be held by hand
no tripods or dollies or other stands
you can’t separate picture from sound
no foley, voice-over or music allowed

there were some others on the list
but i think you get the gist
then they took an oath to follow rigidly
what they called the vow of chastity

© david schweitzer 2001